Corporate Video in 2017

Corporate video is rapidly changing. The good news is that with expertise, talent, and strategy your costs will be dramatically less than they were just three years ago. Here's why:

Social media has taken access to your video from the tight control of your sales/marketing team to the beautiful efficiency of viral growth. Corporate video is socially friendly, as friends make friends by sharing corporate "discoveries". When someone discovers your service, it translates to social capital for them if your video meets social protocol, being:

      1. Engaging
      2. Revelatory
      3. Dynamic

Dynamic means that the video offers both style and humanity. It's a pro production that's not afraid to include customer testimonials from a cell phone video. It's to-the-point with an efficiency that respects the viewer's time and intelligence. It's an elegant combination of a TV personality and real people relating real perspectives.

Your revelatory video will trump the authoritative video you produced three years ago and will establish a deeper connection with your clientele.

What's more, when your video pre-sells, meetings and sales calls take less time if needed at all. Reliance on trade shows dissipates as well.

It's no longer about touting your business, but rather identifying and solving your customer's problem, which simultaneously creates appreciation (the currency of social media).

Three years ago the solution was one prominent video that addressed every facet of your business. Today you want shorter, focused video both throughout your site and beyond - no longer in the "videos" section. Instead they spread out to solve problems, including the actual person who will be interacting with your clientele. These are not expensive to produce, and being targeted, they will come up on YouTube/Google keyword searches far more than your all-in-one video.

Though posting multiple shorter videos is the trend, they represent your brand and need to reflect professionalism -- even if bookending an amateur footage.

With this growing trend you have many opportunities to pitch even the smallest of bullet points, and you don't need an expensive budget have it produced.

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